About Us

The business was established in 2014 by a young business minded gentleman Aaron Mpho Masowa. Due to lack of employment facing young people he decided to start a business that will help alleviate poverty and create jobs for young people in community and South Africa at large.

A young ambitious gentleman Aaron Mpho Masowa thought of this business as a way that will bridge the gap that is created by unemployment amongst the youth of our country. He started this business from his pocket and bought equipment's. The business was initially focusing on renting equipment’s such as sound system, tents, chairs, tables and catering.

He recently added some other services such as cleaning and publishing as well as printing. He realised that many young people who are authors they are struggling to get their work being published and the community spend lot of money to travel to town just for printing matters. Hence he added the services to the company.

Vision & Mission


To be a leading integrated service provider in the community and in South Africa


KSP is an multi dimensional entity whereby quality services are rendered by experts in different fields such as printing, catering, publishing and cleaning as well as sound system operation and renting services.

Always takes at heart the interests of its owners, employees and customers.

KSP is a growing company that will tap into many dimensions related to service rendering industry.

Core Values



Our top level goal is always to build with integrity by being honest and open with our clients & consultants. We recognise that without a high level of trust, the vital relationships that can make or break a project will dissolve



We instil in all our site staff and management a sense of self achievement and personalresponsibility to provide a feeling of personal pride for each and every person who works on a Kanenelo Service Provider. It’s personal pride in a job well done, whatever the task.



Lasting relationships are the lifeblood of business in our industry. At all times, we strive for solutions that best achieve our client’s needs and goals. Our staff’s ability and commitment to finding these solutions is what distinguishes us .

Our Team